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Our stellar curriculum is taught by skilled professional teachers, eager to aid in your child’s growth and development. We believe in teaching the whole child and in creating fresh and meaningful learning experiences.


Sample Lesson Plan


"Our onsite Chef prepares nutritious and healthy snacks and meals specific to individual dietary needs."

Little Land Activities

Social Science: Favorite Foods

I do: Talk about your favorite food using play food.

We do: Hold up play foods and ask which students like them & why?

You do: Students will incorporate their favorite foods in their
play at Little Land.
Play House. 
Dentist Office. Market Place

Exploratorium Activities

Social Science: Favorite Foods

I do: Talk about your favorite food using play food.

Science Concept: Sense of Smell
I do: Talk about smelling things good & bad. Explain that our nose helps us smell and breath
We do: Discuss things that smell good & bad
You do: Students will have opportunities to smell some items independently

Letter Process Art Letter Aa Students will stamp the letter A template with apple core dipped in paint

Exploration Area
• Using smelly markers & crayons
• Painting with Kool-Aid paint
• Cutting scraps of paper
• Cutting out noses from magazines

Outdoor Discovery

Locomotor Skill: Walking Have students draw lines with chalk
and take turns walking on them.
Manipulative Skill: Pushing & Pulling Students push and pull each
other on the scooters.
Group Activity: Scooter Relays.

The Theatre Activities

Big Book Read Aloud
The Big Book of the Body By Lacey Minna

Social Skill Situation: Going Away 

Movement: Body Stretches. Focus on wiggling noses.

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Monthly Themes

At the conclusion of every theme we host a family night where parents are invited to come and experience “hands- on” some of the concepts the students have been learning about, as well as leave equipped with more ideas and support to continue the learning at home.

All About Me
My Family
My Community
A Wonderful World
What Will the Weather Be?
Here We Go
Animal Adventures
What’s Growing in My Garden?
Beautiful Bugs
Silly Stories

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